class swat.cas.datamsghandlers.PandasDataFrame(data, nrecs=1000, dtype=None, labels=None, formats=None, transformers=None)

Bases: swat.cas.datamsghandlers.CASDataMsgHandler

CAS data message handler for pandas.DataFrame objects

data : pandas.DataFrame object

The data to be uploaded.

nrecs : int, optional

The number of rows to allocate in the buffer. This can be smaller than the number of totals rows since they are uploaded in batches nrecs long.

PandasDataFrame object
__init__(data, nrecs=1000, dtype=None, labels=None, formats=None, transformers=None)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(data[, nrecs, dtype, labels, …]) Initialize self.
finish(connection) Finish the data sending operation
getone(connection, **kwargs) Get a single response from the server
getrow(row) Get a row of values from the data source
send(connection, nrecs) Send the records to the connection
write(row, values) Write the value to the row and column specified in the buffer