Visual Investigator API

The SAS Visual Investigator API provides a set of components and service methods that enable developers to create customised solutions within the application.


The API is available through the JavaScript window object.



To complement the API, solution developers can download the API typings package. Run the below command in your project.

npm install @sas/vi-api

The types can be used to help with autocompletion of API spaces, methods and expected return types.

import { SviWindow } from "@sas/vi-api";
import { StoredObjectDTO } from "@sas/vi-api/svi-datahub";

const sviWindow = window as SviWindow;
sviWindow.sas.vi.metadata.getEntity("person").then((entity: StoredObjectDTO | undefined) => {
    if (entity) {
        console.log("Retrieved entity:", entity.label);