Visual Investigator API

The SAS Visual Investigator API provides a set of components and service methods that enable developers to create customized solutions within the application.


The API is available through the JavaScript window object:



To complement the API, solution developers can download the API typings package. Run the following command in your project:

npm install @sassoftware/vi-api

The types can be used to help with autocompletion of API spaces, methods, and expected return types.

import { SviWindow } from "@sassoftware/vi-api";
import { StoredObjectDTO } from "@sassoftware/vi-api/svi-datahub";

const sviWindow = window as SviWindow;
sviWindow.sas.vi.metadata.getEntity("person").then((entity: StoredObjectDTO | undefined) => {
    if (entity) {
        console.log("Retrieved entity:", entity.label);