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Getting Started with SAS® Viya® REST APIs

REST APIs provide a way to access the capabilities of SAS Viya using standard, open HTTP network protocols. With SAS' REST APIs, you can create and access SAS resources using any client technology, such as Java, Lua, Python, JavaScript, C, C#, Perl, Scala, or other programming languages. All that is necessary is a standard library for executing HTTP requests and parsing/generating JSON data.



Create and access SAS resources to integrate the capabilities of SAS Viya into your business processes or to extend and customize SAS Viya to meet specific requirements.

Provides REST access to Cloud Analytics Services (CAS) server and the CAS grid. There are API operations for executing CAS actions, managing the CAS sessions, monitoring the system, and inspecting the CAS grid.

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One underlying code base, programmable in the language of your choice.

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