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Getting Started with SAS® Viya® Programming

Access the capabilities of the SAS Viya through Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) actions for data access and analytics, run directly from SAS applications.


An Introduction to SAS® Viya® Programming

SAS Viya provides several ways to access services and analytics through SAS procedures, including Cloud Analytics Server (CAS) actions.

SAS GitHub

GitHub resources for developers

SAS has multiple SAS programming related repositories on github/sassoftware. Expand the section below for more information and links.

SAS GitHub repository links for SAS programming

Code samples and materials to help you learn to access SAS Viya services by writing programs in Python and other open-source languages

A Jupyter kernel for SAS. This opens up all the data manipulation and analytics capabilities of your SAS system within a notebook interface. Use the Jupyter Notebook interface to execute SAS code and view results inline.

Code examples and data for forecasting using the SAS Viya platform.

Code examples and supporting materials for data mining and machine learning techniques on the SAS Viya environment.

Code examples for machine learning techniques using the SAS Viya platform.

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One underlying code base, programmable in the language of your choice.

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